Tuesday, July 1, 2008

reading room

Where do you do your reading and writing? Do you have a set place, or do you wander the house or coffeeshops? Though I have a vision of the perfect study, in truth, I'm a house wanderer, setting up nooks for comfy reading and solitary writing all over the place.

The Guardian UK showcases the offices of several authors, both living and deceased. The picture here shows Virginia Woolf's room of her own, a toolshed off the garden. Roald Dahl also worked in a shed, though most of the writers had or have workspaces closer to what we might imagine.

Ask your students where their favorite places are for reading and writing. Have them bring in a picture of themselves in their workspace, along with a short write-up as to why that spot suits their purposes. This would make a great beginning of the semester lesson, to get them in the mood for the school year.

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