Friday, May 23, 2008


It's close enough to the end of the school year that even though you are terribly busy, you're starting to think about the time of freedom to come: warm summer skies, barefoot walks on the beach, picnics, time to catch up on your reading . . . .

Actually, you can start that reading now, no more procrastination. If you can read an email or an online news article, you can read a book. That's how DailyLit convinced me to start reading James Joyce's Ulysses. Each post takes about 3-5 minutes to complete, and we have the option to request the next installment immediately. If daily seems too much, you can set it for weekdays only, or 3 days a week. Ulysses is a big book, and even at the daily rate it will take me the better part of a year to complete it, but complete it I will!

You have your choice of feed: email or feedreader. (Note that Google Reader refreshes once an hour, so if you request the next installment immediately upon finishing the one that's been posted, it might not show up for a bit.)

You say you hate to read online? Don't worry; DailyLit's text interface is highly readable and easy to follow.

And it's free. While there is a charge for newer books, hundreds of classical titles, such as Ulysses, are free.

So, get reading. There really are no more excuses.

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