Friday, May 30, 2008

@edu at Google Docs!

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to guest-blog at Official Google Docs Blog, and today my first post appears. I'm very excited and honored to be able to discuss innovative uses of docs and forms in this forum, particularly for education, and hope you will join me there. The blog features useful tips, product announcements, and great ideas from users all over the web, and is an indispensable source for my teaching ideas.

If you're new to using forms, you might like a chance to see firsthand how they work. Go ahead and take the quiz below, and then I'll provide a link so you can see how your results were entered into a document/spreadsheet.

If you'd like to see how your responses compare to my 'students,' click here. All responses are collected into one document, making it easy to grade as well as see what needs going over.

With forms, Google has invented a tool with endless utility. It will change the way you think about assessing your students' work.

For more detailed instructions on how to put forms together for quizzes, see these posts: striking serendipity, and call forms anything you like, just call them.


Boo said...

I commented over on the google blog about this.

Sweetness! I am going to check it out further to be ready for the next school year and I am bookmarking you. It appears you are very helpful!


ggratton said...

Thanks, Boo! I'm thrilled to have you and hope you comment often. ggratton